About Bareilly

Bareilly is situated in Uttar Pradesh state in Northern India. It is located on the banks of Ramganga river. Bareilly district is a part of Rohilkhand division and is also referred to as 'Bans Bareli'. People speak Hindi, Urdu and English languages here. Bareilly is also known as Math Nagri (land of Lord Shiva), Zari Nagari and as Sanjashya (where Buddha descended from Tushita to the earth).

Bareilly can be said to be an archeologically rich town. This is the place where remains of Ahichhatra (Capital town of ancient Northern Panchala) has been found. The excavation was carried out in 1940-1944 near Ramnagar village (Anola Tehsil) in Bareilly district. Painted grey ware belonging to the period of Aryans, 5000 coins from a period much earlier than Gupta Period and terracota have been found at this site. Interesting, isn't it?


Barielly Municipal Corporation

Mr. Praveen Singh Airan (Indian National Congress) won the 15th Lok Sabha Election for MP from Bareilly. It has been a battle ground for BJP and INC with Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party having limited influence. In fact, Bareilly has been a strong hold of BJP for the past 20 years! Santosh Gangwar is former MP and prominent leader from Bareilly.

Nagar Nigam

The Bareilly Municipal Corporation takes care of parks, streets and infrastructure apart from maintaining cleanliness in the city. It is their endeavor to come up with new ideas for upkeep and beautification of Bareilly. The latest among these policies is collection of garbage by sanitary staff of Bareilly Municipal Corporation by going house to house. They would collect non-organic and organic waste separately. Every house would be provided with two dust bins --- Red dustbin for collecting non-organic waste like plastic, glass, tins while green dustbin for collection of organic waste such as peel, seeds or residual of fruits and vegetables.

Another innovative programme is lighting up the memorial tower of 257 freedom fighters who laid down their lives during the country's first war of independence in 1857. The Memorial tower is situated in the compound housing the office of Divisional Commissioner.

Nagar Nigam (Swasthya Vibhag)
Civil Lines, Bareilly, UP - 243001

Geography of Bareilly

Bareilly lies between Latitude 280 1' & 280 54' N and Longitude 780 58' & 790 47'E. It covers an approximate area of 1578 square miles. Rampur district lies towards the West and Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand) is in the North. Nainital district lies towards its North, on the East lies Pilibhit district and on the South-East lies Shahajahanpur district. On the South and South-West direction is Badaun district. Ramganga river forms a natural boundary between Bareilly district and Badaun district for a distance of about 19 miles!

Forest and Soil in Bareilly

The soil of this region is fertile and good for cultivation. A number of groves can be seen throughout the region with a variety of trees. The tract of forest jungle is known as 'tarai' extends in the North of Bareilly district. The forest has wild animals like wild pigs, tigers, deer and bear. Bareilly is on the Ganges plain and has fertile alluvial soil.

Rivers: The main river is Ramganga river which flows West to South-East. It separates Tehsil Anola from rest of Bareilly district. Other rivers Such as Siddha, Dojora, Bahgul, Sankha, Deoranian and Nakatia and their tributaries which rise in the 'tarai' run through Bareilly district and join the Ramganga river.

Towards the East, flows river Sarda or Gogra. Hill torrents from Kumaon mountains fall into Ramganga river. Another river in this region is Deoha --- a drainage artery just like river Gomati or Gumti which too passes through Bareilly district.

Climate in Bareilly

Maximum temperature in the month of May-June is 44o C while during winter months (December-February) the lowest temperature is 40 C. Though air during summer season is dry, the climate generally remains pleasant and humid throughout the year due to hills and 'tarai' swamps towards the North. July-August is the rainy season with post-monsoon seasons being October and November. The average rainfall is in the range of 400-500 millimetres and is contributed by Southwest monsoon. Winters are the best time to plan your visit to Bareilly.

History of Bareilly

In the great epic Mahabharata, Bareilly region or Panchala is described as birth place of Draupadi (also known as Panchali). In the 12th century, the region was ruled by clans of Kshatriya Rajputs. But after Islamic invasion, the region became part of Delhi Sultanate and was later annexed with Mughal Empire.

Bareilly was founded by Bansaldev and Baraldev, Kshatriya Rajputs in the year 1537. They were sons of Jagat Singh Katheriya who was the founder of village Jagatpur. Some people believe that Bans Bareilly is derived from these names. Till today, one of the localities in Bareilly is called by this name.
Development in Bareilly took place around 1657, when Mukrand Rai became the faujidar of Bareilly. He is attributed with cleaning the sal forest and building the city anew! Later, it became part of Rohilkhand region and was handed over to Nawab Vazir of Awadh before being handed over to East India Company.

Bareilly (Rohilkhand) was a major centre during Indian Rebellion of 1857 (India's First War of Independence).

The Indian National Congress gained prominence when Gandhiji visited Bareilly twice during Khilafat movement. In response to his call, the Civil Disobedience movement was launched in January 26, 1930. In 1942, wnen Quit India movement was launched, many processions and meetings were organized here. Many people were arrested including leaders such as Damodar Swaroop Seth, P.C. Azad and Jawaharlal Nehru, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Mahavir Tyagi, Manzar Ali Sokhata and Maulana Hifazul Rahman were also confined in Bareilly Central Jail.

In fact, Mahalla Makrandpur is named after him just as Alamgiriganj has been named after Aurangzeb Alamgir. Do you know that it is Mukrand Rai who also founded the Muhallas of Beharipur, Qazi Tola, Malukpur, Jama Masjid and a fort near Qilla Police station!

It is believed that Lord Gautam Buddha descended from heaven on earth in the city of Bareilly. This is why Bareilly was also known as Sanjashya. Bareilly was also known as 'Bans Bareilly' owing to bamboo trade here. Bareilly is also known as a citadel of Barelvi sect in Asia!

Economy of Bareilly


Bareilly is famous for manufacture of furniture and is also a trading centre for cotton, sugar and grain. Bareilly is an important commercial centre of North India. There are many small and medium sized industries here. Do you know that Bareilly is famous for camphor industry? It is the largest producer and exporter of camphor in India!

Bareilly is well known for 'Surma' (Kohl) which is exported to places in India and abroad. Furniture manufactured in Bareilly is sought after for its superior quality and finesse. There are many sugar and food processing industries in Bareilly. Trading in cotton, sugar and cereal is common in Bareilly.

The main source of economy in Bareilly is agriculture along with other sources too which contribute to its economy in a major way. These include handicraft items, zari-zardosi embroidery work on cloth, cane and bamboo furniture etc.

Bareilly is famous for 'Jhumka' (ear rings) too! 'Luddhi Manja' (the glass powder coated kite flying and fighting string) is famous all over the country. It is made using rice, fevicol and glass. The 'manjha' or thread used to fly kites is much in demand during Makar Sankranti and Independence Day and known by the name 'Bareilly ka Manja'.

Sugarcane, rice, pulses and wheat are grown in the productive tarai region in Bareilly. There are CNG and LPG outlets too in the city. Electricity is supplied for industrial purposes as well as household use by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL).

Markets in Bareilly


Being a commercial town, there are many markets and malls in Bareilly which offer a wide range of products for visitors to buy. However, prices at traditioanl bazaars such as Moufassil and Sadar bazaar are good bazaars where you will be able to buy commodities at affordable rates. Bamboo products are commonly seen in markets in Bareilly.

Culture, Arts and Entertainment in Bareilly

There are many art galleries, cultural organizations and theatres in Bareilly. People visit parks and sanctuaries including monuments too for recreation.There is an anual craft fair at Yugveena Library. Fashion shows are frequently held in Bareilly. Ramleela is organized on Ramleela ground for 15 days every year in October-November.Then there is the Uttaryanee Mela which is visited by a large number of people.

Did you know that Bollywood film 'Woh Panch Din' was shot in Bareilly? Many Bollywood songs also have reference to this city! Few instances have been furnished below:

'Surma Bareillywala akhiyon mein aisa dala' (Film Kismat), 'Jhumka Gira re' (Film: mera Saya), 'New Delhi mein Bareilly jaisa Saiyan' (Film: U, Me aur Hum), 'Bareilly ke bazaar mein' (Film: jail) etc.

For entertainment, there is Fun City Boond Amusement Park and many clubs too, the oldest among these being the Bareilly Club. Parks in Bareilly also include Children's Park (Cantonment), Phool Bagh (Cantonment), Company Garden (Civil Lines), Vatika (Park) Rampur Garden, CL Park (Prem Nagar), Mayur Van Chetna Kendra (University Road), Maharaja Agrasen Park (Rampur Garden), Akshar Vihar, Lichi Bagh (Qila), Mega Rolling Park (Super City) and Gandhi Garden (Civil Lines).

Music Classes in Bareilly

  • Nandan Musicals, Bara Bazaar, Bareilly Phone: +91-581-2574463
  • Shri BP Sharma, Shiksha Seva Samiti, Karsari, Bareilly Phone: +91-581-2550535
  • Take one (acting, dance, aerobics, martial arts) Training Class
  • KK Hospital road, Bareilly Phone: +91-8791615251
  • Entertainment and Talent College
  • Bihari temple, Rajendra Nagar, Bareilly Phone: +91-9719519928
  • Step up Dance Factory, Ekta NAgar, Bareilly Phone: +91-9897216069
  • Rising Star Dance Academy, Opp. Amar Ujala, Bareilly Phone: +91-9917268168
  • New Vision Foundation, Pani ki Tanki, Bareilly Phone: +91-9808186019

Sports in Bareilly

There are two sports stadiums in Bareilly - Dori Lal Agarawal Sports Stadium (City Area) and Major Dhyan Chand Sports Stadium (Cantonment Area). Cricket academy in Bareilly is of good use for passionate sports persons. Sports tournaments between different clubs, schools and colleges are held from time to time.

Cuisine in Bareilly


You will come across a number of restaurants in Bareilly where names of dishes have been named after the creator of the dish! Seekh Kabaabs are a specialty of Bareilly and are sold in Old city. It is prepared by mincing meat (mainly lamb) and adding herbs and spices. It is given shape and grilled on skewers over tamarind charcoal. 'Deenanath ki lassi', 'Chhotelal ki tikki, Chaman ki chaat' Kailash ke gol gappe (Subhash nagar) are famous eating outlets in Old city. People in Bareilly relish 'swaal' - a sumptuous dish they have for breakfast. This is mainly prepared using gram flour (besan) and served with mashed Aalu Ka Chokha.

Restaurants in Bareilly

If you really want to gauge the culture of any place, taste the food there! And you will love the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh. It is very scientifically prepared with a variety of spices and chillies used just to add the right flavour. Enjoy vegetarian thali or non-vegetarian food --- tasty food is also one of the reasons you will remember your trip to Bareilly!

The Table

54 Civil Lines, Brand Square Building,
2nd Floor, Choupla Road
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0581 255 7272

Domino's Pizza
Pilibhit Bypass Road, Bareilly Ho
Phone: +(91)-581-2583378, 2583379

Aashirwaad Restaurant
Suresh Sharma Nagar,
By-Pass, Suresh Sharma Nagar, Bareilly
+(91)-9897061492, 9897877663

Kris N Korns
Point Tower Road, Rajendra Nagar, Bareilly
Phone: +(91)-9058006595, 9897753277

Pizza Hut
Stadium Road, Bareilly Ho,
Bareilly - 243001
Phone: +(91)-581-2530081

Sagar Ratna
College Road, Rampur Garden, Bareilly
Phone: +(91)-581-2567900, +(91)-9837200001

Kwality Restaurant
47, Civil Lines, Bareilly Ho
Bareilly - 243001
Phone: +(91)-581-3256612, +(91)-9359102530


Passport Office in Bareilly

The Passport Office in Bareilly started operating from 1983 and functions under the supervision of Central Passport Organization. This office was further bifurcated and Separate passport Office for the residents of Meerut, Aligarh and Agra Division was opened in the year 1997 at Ghaziabad. In 2008, another passport office at Dehradun was opened.

Passport Office
2nd and 3rd floor, Vikas Jyoti Complex,
BDA Building, Priyadarshini Nagar,
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243005
Phone: 0581 231 1874

Today, issues pertaining to passport and travel documents of citizens residing in 12 districts of Uttar Pradesh - Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Pilibhit, Badaun, Moradabad, Rampur, Bijnor, Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Firozabad, Kashi Ram Nagar, Etah and Mainpuri are catered to by the Passport offices.

When in Bareilly, do pick up handicraft items just for rememberance of your trip to this place and do not forget to enjoy in amusement park and malls in the city!
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